Observing Log for 2006-09-15

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Location: Billingborough (South Lincolnshire, UK)
From: 2006-09-15 13:45 UT
To: 2006-09-15 13:50 UT
Equipment: Solarscope
Temperature: 21.4C ...
Dew Point: 15.2C ...
Humidity: 68% ...
Wind Speed: Calm ...
Pressure: 1008.7hPa ...

Quite a cloudy day and also quite hazy. Took the Solarscope out to do a quick sunspot count.


From: 2006-09-15 13:45 UT
To: 2006-09-15 13:50 UT

Only active area 908 (the return of active area 904) was visible today. Unlike previous observations I could only make out a single umbra within the penumbra. While it's possible that the spots might have merged I suspect this was more down to me being unable to see the separation due to viewing conditions and the fact that the spot was quite foreshortened (it's getting quite close to the limb of the Sun now).

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