Observing Log for 2006-06-27

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Location: Billingborough (South Lincolnshire, UK)
From: 2006-06-27 14:35 UT
To: 2006-06-27 14:42 UT
Equipment: Solarscope
Temperature: 19.6C ...
Dew Point: 8.9C ...
Humidity: 50% ...
Wind Speed: 0.8mph ...
Wind Dir: North ...
Pressure: 1019.1hPa ...

As with the past few days (my last chance to observe the Sun was 4 days ago) today has mostly been overcast. For a short while the cloud broke up a little giving some hazy gaps. I took this opportunity to take the Solarscope out to do a sunspot count.


From: 2006-06-27 14:35 UT
To: 2006-06-27 14:42 UT

Only one active area was visible (897). I could make out 4 spots, one that was reasonably obvious and three fainter. None of the spots were very distinct. I also observed some faint darkening within the region. Other than that it was quite hard to see any real detail due to the hazy conditions and thin cloud getting in the way.

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