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Location: Billingborough (South Lincolnshire, UK)
From: 2006-03-31 11:35 UT
To: 2006-03-31 12:00 UT
Equipment: Naked Eye
Temperature: 16.6C ...
Dew Point: 5.1C ...
Humidity: 47% ...
Wind Speed: 1.7mph ...
Wind Dir: West ...
Pressure: 1001.4hPa ...

Breezy, partly cloudy day but with the Sun showing for long enough between clouds to make a sunspot count worthwhile.


From: 2006-03-31 11:35 UT
To: 2006-03-31 12:00 UT

With the Solarscope I could see that area 865 had developed a fair bit. The main spot now had a very obvious penumbra and I could count five other spots (making six in total for the active area).

Area 866 still only had the one spot and still had some brighter areas visible around the spot.

I had a quick look at the Sun through a pair of eclipse shades and was a little surprised to see that the main spot in area 865 was visible to the naked eye.

I then made a sketch of the Sun, as seen via the Solarscope. I finished it around 11:55 UT.

The Sun

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